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Hidden Paths of Delphi 3

By Ray Lischner
Published by Informant Press
ISBN 0-9657366-0-1
Book and CD-ROM

Download the Delphi 4 update.

Hidden Paths of Delphi 3 cuts through the clutter of all-in-one Delphi tomes to present a focused treatment of a vital, yet undocumented, Delphi feature: The Open Tools API.

All the information in Hidden Paths of Delphi 3 is useful in Delphi 4, too, which maintains backward compatibility, for the most part. Where you used TIStream in Delphi 3, you need to use IStream in Delphi 4. Other than that, your Delphi 3 experts will work just fine in Delphi 4.

Delphi 4 has a new COM-based Tools API, in addition to the traditional Open Tools API. Hidden Paths of Delphi 3 can help you with the new API, too, because it uses the same conventions as the old API. Edit readers, edit writers, edit views, notifiers, creators, they all work similarly in the new API as in the old. What you learn in Hidden Paths of Delphi 3 can help you in Delphi 4, too. Check out the differences between the old and new Tools API.

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