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Updates for Secrets of Delphi 2

New! Delphi 3 update. Most of the information in Secrets of Delphi 2 is till pertinent and useful in Delphi 3. Read about the changes in Delphi 3, or skip all the talk and download update3.exe (566 KB) now for updated source code that compiles with Delphi 3.
The files on the CD-ROM that accompanies Secrets of Delphi 2 were compiled with the latest updates of Delphi that were available at the time. For Delphi 1, this is the Delphi 1.02 compiler of August 24, 1995. For Delphi 2, this is the original release, of February 10, 1996.

Since the CD-ROM was created, Borland released an update for Delphi 2, of June 11, 1996. This update changes Delphi's .DCU files in a manner than requires recompiling the .DCU files for Secrets of Delphi 2. You can download update1.exe (200KB), which contains the recompiled .DCU files. After downloading the file, just run it, and it will install the recompiled .DCU files.

If you prefer, you can recompile the source files yourself. If so, you should be aware of a compiler bug in Delphi 2. When you recompile the Secrets.pas file, you might encounter Internal compiler error C1217. This problem was reported to Borland, but it was not fixed in the Delphi 2.01 update.

To work around this compiler defect, you must compile the S_Util.pas file before compiling Secrets.pas. You might find it easier to download the update.

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